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COVID-19 Work Packs

The COVID-19 virus has the potential to cause disruption to our children's daily leaning. At Nun Monkton, we have set about trying to minimise and reduce the amount of disruption caused. We want parents to feel confident in teaching their children from home and ensure that children continue to enjoy their learning whilst progressing. With all of this in mind, staff have created weekly learning packs for each age phase which contain interesting, fun and age appropriate tasks. Although we cannot recreate the school learning environment, we hope these packs will ensure that the transition between school and home learning will be smooth.

We have also created a list of websites where you and your children can access free online learning games, songs, resources and revision. If you have any difficulties with any of these links, please contact your childs class teacher.

There is no expectation that all parts of the home learning packs are completed. We simply want to give you a starting place, but feel free to be creative and complete tasks in any way you can- be creative!

Teacher Feedback

Whilst School staff may not be physically present at school every day, they are still working and will endevour to be available as normal. Although they will not be able to physically 'mark' work, teachers are still very excited to see childrens work each week. Teachers would love it if you would email them pictures of any pieces of work that the children are proud of, or that you want to share with them. 


Much of the content on the 7 week learning packs require access to a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. If this is a problem, please contact Miss Simpson who can loan out our school Ipads and laptops for home learning only.