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The Wider Curriculum


We are committed to developing a motivating, inspiring, knowledge-rich curriculum. We feel it is very important that children develop the skills and attitudes to learning they need to be lifelong learners. We also recognise the need to develop specific knowledge around the topics they are being taught.

Whole School Topics

We have found that it is motivating  to children to have a topic they can get deeply immersed in at an age-appropriate level. This year our topics are:

Autumn: Angry Earth

Spring: Same but Different

Summer: Animal Kingdom

By taking a broad view of each of these topics, teachers plan a range of focuses and activities to interest and motivate the children. Children are involved in choosing the topics.

This gives them increased ownership of their own learning.

Early Years

Children in Nursery and Reception follow the same topics, but these often change to reflect the children's interests. For example, if a child is excited about a trip to a restaurant, we might theme areas of provision around a pizzeria, giving children the chance to give and take orders, design and make pizzas, collect money and take on different roles within the restaurant. It really is child-led! For more details please read our EYFS Policy here.


Curriculum Coverage

The document below outlines the content and skills which will be covered in each year group. Given our class structure of several year groups in the same class, there is some flexibility over this to ensure there is no lost learning due to unneccesary repetition.