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Forest Class - Nursery, Reception and Year 1


Forest class is a class of 12 children aged 3-6 years old.   In the Forest class we teach through a play-based curriculum for our Reception children with the Year 1 curriculum taught alongside. We are very lucky to be able to use the downstairs of the building as our classroom, and therefore one half of our classroom can be set up for structured learning and the other half can be used for learning through play, exploration and investigation. The children also use the outdoor environment to enhance their learning and development.

For our planning we use a topic-based approach based on the children's interests, as well as covering the Year 1 national curriculum. Our provision areas change to support our this. 

Due to our small class size, the children are both challenged and supported as individuals. We promote independent learning to allow the children to become confident in learning from their mistakes and successes. They are encouraged to try new things and grow through different opportunities.

Class information- things to remember!

Monday- PE kit needed

Tuesday- Spellings (Y1)

Wednesday- Forest kit needed and reading suitcase to be returned

Friday- Celebration assembly and reading suitcase sent home



Useful Links

Follow our class blog to keep up to date with all the exciting things we get up to!



We Love to Read!

The children have been working so hard on their reading projects. They have been making story bowls, story sacks and story spoons! The children love using these resources to explore and retell stories in our reading area.


Outdoor Learning

In the Forest Class we love to learn both indoors and outdoors. This year we have been lucky enough to have a door built in our classroom. This allows the children to free flow, choosing whether they want to learn using the indoor or outdoor provision areas. The children love to engage with our exciting outdoor resources such as our waterwall, mud kitchen and art area. This encourages the children to be imaginative and creative within their play, as well as exploring through problem solving opportunities.

Our weekly Forest School takes place in our local woodland, close by to the school. These sessions allow the children to learn all about and understand the world around them. Forest School provides opportunities for children to be creative, work within nature, learn about the weather and seasons, manage risk, observe wildlife, develop their imagination and work with a range of materials.

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