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Sky Class- Years 2-6

Welcome to Sky Class

In Sky class, children are inquisitive, courageous and bold. They take risks and challenge themselves to excel and reach their full potential.

Sky class is a small class with just 20 children. Therefore, we structure our days in a unique way. We have a main classroom and a large group room, which are used to create flexibility in the way we learn. This enhances children’s independence, as well as developing their resilience and creativity.

By the time children leave Sky class in year 6, they are independent, flexible and resilient learners, who adapt to any situation, and rise to every challenge.

Tuesday- Spelling Tests 
Wednesday- PE                      
Thursday- Forest School

Miss Simpson (Class Teacher)
Mrs Sheldon (HLTA)
Miss Hill ( Teaching Assistant)
Miss Bush ( Teaching Assistant)

Wonderful World

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Heroes & Heroines

Throughtout Autumn term, children in Sky Class were captivated as they learnt about WW2 and its effect on Great Britain.

We were excited to receive a trunk full of artefacts which included gas masks, ration cards and military uniform.  Very soon the children began to bring in memorabilia and memories from thier own relatives, including letters from the front line.  The personal nature of this topic led to the children producing some amazing work from stories to poetry.  We also designed and built our own Anderson Shelter models which the children (and staff) are exceptionally proud of.

A visit to a WW2 day at Queen Ethelburgas allowed the children to tackle code breaking, musical theatre and, with the help of more artetfacts and uniform, they were able to put themselves in the shoes of their ancestors. This day was enjoyed by all and really gave our topic the launch it needed.

To draw our topic to a close, we had an exciting day at Eden Camp where the children attended a puppet show and later expereinced how it may have felt to have been a child during WW2 and the Blitz. 

Sporting Success

This year, Nun Monkton have joined forces with local sports provider Sporting Influence.  This means that we have been able to take part in some fantastic competitions.  We had great fun at a football tournament and were delighted to see that all the hard work in PE, had transferred to the football pitch, with goals galore.

Just a few weeks later we were back competing, this time in tag-rugby.  We saw some amazing talent across all age ranges and were delighted when our year 6 pupils, working alongside pupils from Great Ouseburn Primary, came away as overall tounament winners.

We also entered a cluster wide dance festival. Sky class choreographed, learnt and performed their amazing dance to 'Under the Sea'. 

Sporting Influence have introduced special awards for Body Language, Communication, Determination, Supporting Others and Respect.  Children are exceptionally proud to receive these awards.