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Our Vision

Nun Monkton Foundation Primary school is a unique, small and secure place, which inspires a love of learning through the environment, and a passion to aim high.  Through inspirational teaching, we develop confident, resilient and creative learners who flourish and feel special, in this vibrant and happy environment.

We strongly believe that children need to feel safe and happy in order to learn. There is something very special about our school and we are incredibly proud of it!  We feel privileged to work with enthusiastic and motivated learners, inspirational staff, supportive parents and a forward-thinking Governing Body.

Our children achieve great things both academically and in the wider curriculum. Learning is inspiring and fun so that every day is memorable!  The creative and unique curriculum at Nun Monkton encourages children to ask questions, explore and use independence and resilience. 

Our Motto

be curious(9)

At Nun Monkton, the motto, 'Be curious, be brave and believe' is one which is highly valued and deeply embedded within our school ethos. It was devised in partnership with many stakeholders, including pupils, parents, governors and staff. 

The word 'curious' came from the staff who encourage pupils to be curious within their learning journey. We ensure children ask questions and seek answers to give them a deep understanding of the taught subjects. At Nun Monkton, we do not leave questions unanswered, we push to find them and seek solutions, giving the pupils the very best education.

The word 'brave' came from the pupils who expressed a need for them to be brave when faced with challenges. They understand the importance of learning and enjoy being challenged. Children strive to achieve the very best, and know that the best learning experiences come from when we strive to achieve and are determined to succeed.

The word 'believe' came from our governing body. They believe in the school and want the very best for the pupils who attend Nun Monkton Foundation Primary school. They believe in each individual, and in turn, staff believe in pupils and pupils believe in themselves. The school community support one another to achieve their true potential, and pupils are provided with the best learning environment to succeed.

All around school you can see our motto of "Be curious, be brave, believe". Take a look!

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