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School Standards

Performance Tables

The Department for Education published school 'league tables' annually to allow parents to compare school results for each year and over time. The link to 2023's tables can be found here , but there aren't very informative due to the small cohorts.

The DfE recognise that cohorts of 5 or under are not statistically valid for comparison and as such, our results are not included.  

End of Key Stage data

As a very small school, whole school data can be very difficult to compare. For example, we have some cohorts with only one child in it, therefore only 100% or 0% achieve a given level. The data attached provides information on how each cohort has achieved, but comparisons should be made with caution. 

We hope that all parents and carers feel fully informed about their child's progress in school and encourage all parents and carers to discuss this with teachers if they have any concerns or comments. Please don't wait for a parents' evening! If you have any comments about academic standards in school, please get in touch.

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